Got my Lenovo Thinkpad T550 back

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Got my Lenovo Thinkpad T550 back.


Last night I picked up my old work Thinkpad T550 from being lent out as it was not needed any more by the person that borrowed it.

I have decided to install it with Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop and use it as my coding laptop as my work laptop has to have a company build of Windows 10 Enterprise which is a tad slow to say the least! So the Thinkpad with Ubuntu will most definitely be a better option as 90% of what I do is on Linux anyway so it makes more sense to run Linux over WSL although WSL is getting better all the time.

I have bought a new SSD as I want to give the current SSD back to my wife so that she has a backup of the old laptop in case OneDrive has not synced everything over to the new laptop which is unlikely but the new hard drive was only £25 so it makes sense to get a newer bigger one and keep the old one as a backup. It also means that if anything is missing it is not my fault 🙂

I bought a Crucial 240GB drive from Amazon and it will be here by 10pm tonight so tomorrow I will start installing the laptop in the morning before Gates at 11:30.

I plan to script the install so that I can easily re-install the laptop if needed and have setup a shared GitHub repository to make the sharing and version control easier going forwards and also I have spent all of this week studying Git and GitHub so I might as well use what I have learnt to streamline my own development projects going forwards as it can only help me at work too.

Although I have only been using Git and Github for a few days I am really impressed at how easy it is to use and how well it works! and I will definitely be using it all the time now to work on my work and home projects! I can definitely see why they are the most popular version control systems out there!

The main advantage for me is that all of my projects are in one place and they are easily accessible and also I can easily share them on the blog without having to change links all of the time when the projects are updated. It also allows me to work on different versions in parallel and in the future when I start working on more complicated projects I have the ability to work with others seamlessly.

As everything is stored on GitHub it also means that if my laptop dies or is lost or stolen I can easily get back up and running really easily which is really great as I want to get a Mac at some point so working in the cloud makes sense. It also makes it easy to work on projects from other machines if I need to which is amazing and makes working way more flexible.

This afternoon I will create the Ubuntu 20.04 installation USB and open up the laptop ready to install the drive as soon as it arrives.

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